CC and MCC capture rate benchmarks??

Hi All-
I am in a new department of CDI and are starting to dive into some reports in the 3M CDIS program.  Can you tell me what is considered a good benchmark for cc/mcc capture rates?  Thanks very much.  


  • I would like to know the same as well as what is the benchmark for accuracy of PDx capture as well as query capture rates.  Thanks for any feedback I can get!
  • We don't have a "benchmark" we just compare against ourselves.  If we see a drop, we audit to see why in a particular DRG.  We want to keep it fairly consistent. 
  • Someone in your facility should have access to the CMS PEPPER report. This can help you understand how your CC/MCC capture rate compares to other facilities. 

    I conduct internal audits of some of our DRG triads to see if the documentation shows an opportunity to capture a missing CC/MCC or identify areas where we are coding CC/MCCs that are not supported. I use this data to educate CDI, coder, physicians. The goal is accuracy.... not a benchmark for percentage captured.
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