Query for acute blood loss anemia

how many lab values for Hgb and Hct are needed to submit a compliant query? Are 2 post op labs for H and H enough?
Also, if no treatment given (iron or blood transfusion) but H and H are trending down and below normal values.. should I query?


  • Only one value would be necessary if the patient receives treatment such as PRBC or there is a contributing diagnosis such as advanced CKD or ESRD. 
    Treatment of the 'anemia' is not required. It isf the Hb is being monitored (repeated labs, iron studies, etc) then it meets criteria for a secondary diagnosis and a query would be in order. 
  • We have this issue with the coding department that they will not take any query for Drop in HH, clinical presentation is NSVD and a drop in Hgb from 13.5 to 10 that was monitored but not treated and pt had some tachycardia. Would you query for the significance of this drop?
  • The Hb is being monitored and I get the impression that you think the tachycardia may be related to the lower hemoglobin. In that case, I would query for significance. 
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