CCDS exam prep--is there a "best" exam prep method?

I was awarded a scholarship from my employer to apply toward any study materials and testing fees for CCDS exam prep.  Should I do the boot camp (I'd likely have to do the online class) or just get the study guide?  Does the boot camp include a study guide?  I have been a CDIS for 5 yrs, but I am the only one at my facility, so I don't have CDI peers to bounce questions off of in person.  My biggest concern is using the CDI Expert correctly.  Any advice?



  • Personally, I’d do the Boot Camp, either live or on-line, if my employer was paying the fees. I would spend my own $$ to buy the Study Guide because it is not that expensive and I found it helpful in regards to prep.  Good luck with the exam.

    I don’t think the Boot Camp includes the guide, but someone from HCPRO would be able to reply to that question.  I had to buy them separately.
  • I felt like the study guide was sufficient, however I took my exam 4 years ago.  Good luck!
  • I had been a CDI 6 years when I took the CCDS exam and I felt that the study guide was enough but everyone learns differently.  If you employer will pay for the cost of the bootcamp I would do it. 
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