Weaning from Vent after surgery

Hello all,

Our pulmonology/critical care team is generally in charge of vent weaning after surgeries. After MUCH education, they have finally stopped documenting acute respiratory failure for all of these standard weaning patients, BUT they are looking for a code to capture the work they do in weaning the patient from the vent. What do you all use for this? Is there a specific code for weaning from the vent that would be appropriate for them to use?

Any help or advice is appreciated!



  • Their critical care E/M code should cover weaning and show their work.
  • Sorry that I'm uneducated on this... Is that a CPT code? Is there an ICD-10 inpatient code for this?
  • Yes, it would be a CPT code that the MD submits for their professional services. In the case of normal postoperative vent weaning there would not be an associated ICD-10 CM diagnosis. Now, if weaning is unsuccessful and the patient remains on the ventilator for a prolonged period of time then there could be an associated diagnosis.



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