CDIS reconciling problem lists in Epic

Hello, wondering if any RN CDIS's are editing the problem list in EPIC? That is, based strictly on what is already documented by the provider elsewhere. For example, in reviewing charts and HCC's that require refresh I found conflicting diabetes diagnosis - a diagnosis of only DMT2 in the problem list, but an HCC of DMT2 with complications showing as needing refresh. I scoured the record and found that diagnosis with complications documented as a visit dx in an encounter from the previous year, but the provider had failed to add it to the problem list and reconcile it with the lower severity dx. Do any CDI go ahead and add the higher severity dx to the problem list based on the provider's documentation from that encounter? Would you resolve the other diagnosis? Do you use an opt in/opt out method for these things in notifying the provider? Or do you try to get the provider to do the reconciliation? (I see this kind of reconciliation needed ALL the time and there is just no way I think I can get providers to do this kind of reconciliation daily. My only hope is to get them to start adding these dx to the problem list going forward, and likely they still won't resolve the other dx.)
Let me know what you all do please!
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