Asphyxiation due to hanging and Acute resp failure

I was wondering if there is a coding rule for sequencing asphyxiation due to hanging and acute resp failure as principle diagnosis? Coding clinics I have found address suicide attempts due to overdose, however, I have not located a coding clinic on suicide due to hanging. The patient survived for 6 days on a mechanical vent. Any advice would be appreciated. 


  • Does anyone have guidance on sequencing above question?
  • I just coded this out:  T71162A Asphyxiation due to hanging, intentional self harm, initial encounter with AHRF as 2nd (I'm assuming vent over 96 hrs)  DRG 922 Other injury, poisoning and toxic effect w/MCC.  I would think suicide attempts by any means would be your Pdx.

    Kate Sammons, RN CCDS

  • I agree with Kate, respiratory failure can be the principal diagnosis except in cases of chapter specific guidelines, and when reporting S00 through T88, chapter 19 of the OCG states "The code for the most serious injury, as determined by the provider and the focus of treatment, is sequenced first." 
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