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Looking for an organization who has been live with Iodine for 6 months or more. We implemented Iodine the beginning of September and the team continues to struggle with the software. (Our EHR is Epic).

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Rebekah,

    Would be interested to hear how things are going now for you as we have recently seen a demo of Iodine. 



  • We have been using IODINE for over a year.  Change in workflow was a hurdle, but we were able to  overcome that.
  • Thank you-- have you seen good impact from using the software?
  • Sunita,

    Can you tell me what you were using before Iodine? Our Network has purchased one of their AI products. We currently use Epic CDI, which has a few flaws and I am wondering if the addition of Iodine Interact (formerly Artifact) is actually going to capture more relevant opportunities to improve documentation, and if you have noticed an increase in CDIS effectiveness?

    Also I know there will be concern about the number of FTEs and job security. Have you (or anyone using it) had to make any changes?

    Thank you,


  • I have recently had an Iodine presentation for consideration of purchasing the program, but I was not that impressed. Does anyone have any current insight that is using their current program. I have former experience with ChartWise which iodine purchased but is not longer selling this platform.

  • Interact (formerly Artifact) has been in use by our team for a few years now -- Two weeks into the Covid pandemic. Couldn't have been better timing. Team began work from home, Providers enjoyed responding to queries faster easier better from their mobile devices. Improved our productivity, prioritization and record quality immediately. Reports available are extensive, although not integrated with our coding platform - but it isn't much to overlay the data and information, Providers response time is typically within 0-48 hours.

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