hypercoagulable state


I ran across a great inservice on hypercoagulable states.   I have never queried routinely for hypercoagulable state for someone with atrial fibrillation. 

Please share your thoughts ...



  • This has been discussed in this forum over the years. You may want to do a search and get an idea what has been said.

    An open-ended query may be made to ask the clinical significance of ‘CHADSVASC score of >1’ and if a diagnostic statement is made, then the clinical rationale must be documented. I would add that ‘prophylactic treatment’ for prevention of thrombosis does not indicate that ‘hypercoagulable state’ is a current condition, only that the patient has a risk for future thrombosis.

         Another issue with this particular scenario is that, by itself, Atrial Fib does not cause a systemic hypercoagulable state. It suggests a propensity for localized clot formation, but it is not a cause of a systemic hypercoagulopathy. The CHADSVASC is a ‘risk’ score suggesting the need for anticoagulation; it is not a clinical indicator of a diagnosis.   


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