Performance metrics

Could someone give me an idea of the current performance metrics your facility has in place for CDI specialists?  Are there any current, new trends above and beyond number of reviews/re-reviews and % query response rate? Thanks for any information!

Kristie Perry


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    We also monitor physician response rate, agreement rate, type of query (CHF) and number of queries.  This enables us to identify education priorities for a group or a particular physician.

    Cheryl Catlett
  • I have a hard time with "agreement rate" as a metric because it is difficult to define 'agree'. 
    When it is our job to achieve clarification, there is no specific response that = agree, rather a response the provides the appropriate clinical information to allow us to code a diagnosis that is supported by the clinical information in the record is the desired response.
    How do you 'all' define 'agree'?

    Thank you
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