CKD and anemia

We had an issue come up today and I would appreciate any help.  
Pt presents w/ anemia, hgb 4.8, symptomatic. transfused, had EGD no findings, + fecal occult blood.  Doing colonoscopy as outpt. per her request.  Pt has HTN and CKD stage 3.  I coded the anemia as PDX since focus of care. Our coder states that anemia is auto linked to CKD? I agree that if the documentation states anemia in, d/t, with CKD then yes I would link them. This record calls it normocytic anemia and never links the conditions. As we were talking about it she explained that when you type anemia in encoder number 7 says in(due to)(with) (eg. chronic kidney disease), therefore a link is provided. 
I have never had this come up before. Any information is appreciated.
Amy Fenton RN CDI 
Bronson Healthcare Group
Kalamazoo MI

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