Chronic pulmonary edema

We are seeing a lot of coding pulmonary edema as the pdx. I was taught that that you don't code "chronic conditions" as a pdx. Is anyone else seeing this?


  • I’d imagine the MD is documenting ‘pulmonary edema’, and not documenting if this is acute or chronic.  The term defaults to chronic pulmonary edema.  If this is the formal diagnosis, the coder is forced to report in this fashion.

    More complicated that can be covered in this forum, but a CDI may want to consider if a query is warranted in order to determine if this:

    Non-Cardiogenic  Fluid Overload due to:_____
    Non-Cardiogenic Acute Pulmonary Edema due to:________
    Pulmonary Edema WITH Heart Failure 

    On pad, excuse typos..

    Paul Evans, RHIA, CCDS
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