Have any of you every heard of Anti-queries?? The best I can tell I believe what my employees are describing are clinical validation queries.

They have received education to query the physician in this manner:

Patient admitted with cellulitis. Your assistance with confirmation of a documented diagnosis is requested.

Sepsis is documented in your Progress notes. It doesn't appear that the patient meets criteria for sepsis.

Please confirm and provide any additional relevant information to further support the diagnosis in the patient medical record.

>> This diagnosis has been ruled out

>> This diagnosis is confirmed

Please document your clinical rationale______________________

Then it goes on to list the SIRS criteria.

Does this query seem leading to you all??? Because it does to me!

Thanks in advance

Pamela Anderson


  • We do clinical  validation queries all the time.  However, we do not put in the query "It doesn't appear that the patient meets criteria for ________".  We present with the facts and clinical indicators and asked if the condition has been confirmed or ruled out.  Here is our query template we utilize. 

  • We do clinical validation queries frequently as well.  I agree not to use the statement "It doesn't appear that the patient meets criteria".  We also list "Sepsis is documented" . . and "Clinical Indicators".  Our question:  "Please provide evidence of systemic response to infection and related organ dysfunction by providing clinical indicators of Sepsis, unless you have determined this diagnosis was ruled out."
  • Thank you both for your responses. I just needed confirmation of what I already knew to be true!!

  • Does anyone have a good query for a situation where the physician diagnosed SIRS but listed factor that indicate infection.  I was going to list sepsis and severe sepsis in my query but that seems leading?
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