CDI Office space

We are having more and more challenges around getting dedicated "office space" for our CDI teams at the hospitals.  While we expect the CDI nurse to be up on the unit interacting with the providers we all recognize the value of that time of the team being together to discuss challenging providers, coding conundrums, mentoring of new CDI nurses, etc.
We are currently reserving conference rooms for blocked time however often get bumped out of the room.  
Do most CDI programs have dedicated space at their hospitals?  Are there other creative ways you have found to have dedicated space within the hospital?
thank you,
Alicia Mitchell


  • I'm moved around constantly, like Milton in Office Space.  I am also the only CDI RN.  I've been with care management, then at the end of an unused nurses station, and now in an ortho staff workspace, at the opposite end of the building where I should be.  I continue to say I need to be closer to inpatients.  But this is where I am for now.  It's not a priority for my organization, I guess.  
  • In the past 5 years my office has been changed only 3 times.  Some others have changed more often, but last year they expanded the facility to almost double, and finally we have a decent work area where 4 of us are housed near the hospitalist office and the ICU, and 2 others are located in other areas, but close to physician/patient care areas.
  • We have a dedicated room in HIM that we reallocated from the coders when they went remote, but most of my CDI staff is also remote, rotating on site weekly to make rounds so there is a "face" to CDI with the docs. There is no full time remote (until Covid-19 that is).
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