Left Bullae infected Code

Patient has pulmonary fibrosis, chronic hypoxic resp. failure, A fib, CHFpEF. Presented with Hemoptysis.  Was found to have a Right Prox seg PE.  Also has a large cavitary lesion in the LLL .Bullae w new air-fluid level. She is diagnosed with Left Infected Bullae Started on IV antibiotics, ID Consult, May need prolonged course of antibiotics.  ID states infected emphysematous bleb. Pt had bronch which included findings of bleeding from infected bullae.  I have looked through the coding book and I can't find a code to fit an infected bleb/bullae.  I didn't know if that would be considered an abscess and use code J852 Abscess of Lung without pneumonia.  Thank you so much for any advice or if you need more information.  
Theresa Coonan RN, BSN, CCDS
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