AMI Code Assignment

Greetings - For those facilities that do CABG procedures- please clarify your practice of assigning the subsequent MI code in the following example -  Patient is admitted with and AMI and a LHC is completed . This does show occlusive CAD. The patient is discharged and brought in 3 weeks later for an elective  CABG procedure. What code do you use for the AMI ?  3 weeks later - is the CABG treatment of the AMI? Thank you for insight into correct code assignment.


  • I just had a case like this a month ago.  You are electively coming back for CAD treatment so CAD would be your Pdx with AMI as your MCC since it is within the reportable timeframe and still under tx (b-blocker etc).AMI is report acute for the 4 weeks following its occurrence.

    Hope this helps!

    Kate Sammons, RN, CCDS

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