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I have been notified by our CDI Software company that our software is sunsetting and we can no longer utilize it after July 31.   We are exploring our options.  Are there any vendors that offer software that does NOT interface with the medical record? 


  • Most of the software that we've seen interfaces with the medical record so that it can provide prioritization for which cases are most advantageous for you to review given the criteria that you have set. We've seen/discussed options with at least four different vendors.
  • Hello there,

    This is Sreenath Meegada. I am currently working as a Hospitalist/CDI physician champion.

    As a side gig, I am building a CDI prototype tool along with a bunch of like minded physician friends to help small to medium sized hospitals capture revenue and survive during these hard times. Our goal is to serve the needy hospitals, because the current CDI tools are very expensive. I can even provide free CDI physician services and even audit up to 100 charts to show the value. 

    Please let me know if you are interested. I strongly feel that there is room to improve CDI/coding services in every hospital. You can reach me at

    Sreenath Meegada MD MPH CCDS

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