Acute Liver insufficiency

Wondering if other faculties ask for acute liver insufficiency?  If so what are your requirements?  Is having elevated liver enzymes enough?



  • Briefly,  Acute liver insufficiency will code to a generic form of liver disease rather than acute liver failure OR acute liver necrosis.  So, if insufficiency is charted, query for a more specific term, if clinical supported.   
    Whenever I suspect acute liver necrosis or acute liver failure,  I go a site, such as Mayo and review the indicators, and by memory, these include additional factors beyond elevated livery enzymes, such as elevated Bilirubin, findings of jaundice, elevated INR, coagulation defects, and a few other findings.  
    Also be mindful that acute liver injury is coded as trauma, and can be a problematic term for coding purposes.  

    Paul Evans,  RHIA, CCDS
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