Coding Mismatches

Good evening, 

I'm looking for any insight on practices/processes on how your programs are handling mismatches?  I'm available to discuss by phone (email me).  I have two examples. 

1. CF admission: Pt is admitted d/t CF exacerbation w/ cough/congestion/respiratory distress.  Documentation states admitted due to CF exacerbation triggered by coronavirus (non Covid-19) infection. Pt was treated for 14 days of IV abx and was d/c home. Pt also had Lukens growing Psuedomonas and several other bacterias. Coding wants to resequence the PDX from CF to coronavirus infection B34.  I sent a detailed message including coding clinics/and nosologies supporting CF exacerbation as PDX and the Coding Manager is still questioning my reasons for sequencing CF as PDX. 

2. RSV Bronchiolitis: Coding wants to report respiratory failure, CDI wants to report RSV bronchiolitis. RSV provides better LOS and RW (we use APR-DRG)

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