Prepping for CCDS-O exam

I am officially entering the CDI arena with a new position to create an outpatient CDI program. I am required to get my CCDS-O within the year, which I am not concerned about. I would like tips and resources that those who have taken the Outpatient exam found more beneficial than others. I am coming from a position where I did CDI and provider education, as part of my role, but not my whole role. SO more assurance than anything for prepping. I have purchased the study guide and the Outpatient pocket guide.


  • Hi I did use the CCDS-O exam prep book study guide, and a current copy of drug handbook was helpful to me.  I did read through the AHIMA outpt cdi toolkit and had the ACDIS OP CDI pocket guide (great resource for your new role too).  You need a good understanding of reimbursement methodologies in the outpatient setting/physician setting, the exam prep book covers these topics but you will have to do some outside reading perhaps from CMS on this is you are not familiar with it.  I took this exam late December 2019, it was comprehensive! 
  • Does ACDIS have any virtual education classroom type prep for the CCDS-O exam?

  • I didn't see this questioned answered in the forum, so I thought I would go ahead and say ACDIS doesn't have an official CCDS-O exam prep class but, they do have an Outpatient CDI boot camp available

  • How does one access the online practice exam that comes with the CCDS-O Exam Study Guide. I am not seeing a link. Thank you.

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