Physician engagement and education

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We're getting ready to start working on the summer edition of the CDI Journal, which will be focused on CDI and physician education/engagement. Do you have experiences with any of the following? Reach out to me ( and Associate Editor Carolyn Riel (! We'd love to chat with you!
  • Clinical integration of CDI (rounding, at the physician's elbow, etc.)
  • Remote engagement and education tactics
  • Education on a tight budget
  • Leveraging your physician advisor
  • CDI educator roles
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  • Our physician advisor is fairly new to the CDI advisor role. He is very enthusiastic to make a change in our query rates. Basically, when a physician does not reply to a CDI query, he will send a notice with the exact verbiage for the physician to use for their reply/addendum. Would this be considered unethical in his advisor role.

  • Could you please share your Remote engagement and education tactics for providers.

    Thank you.

  • I see this as noncompliant and a dangerous slope. While it is physician to physician conversation, telling them exact verbiage just seems wrong and illegal for lack of a better word. Perhaps a conversation to discuss the case and the clinical information but telling them what to say is problematic. I hope this PA will listen when your team tells him why this is wrong.

  • Sara,

    The scenerio you describe is very similar to a health system 10+ years ago. They were audited, uncovered the emails by the advisor providing specific suggested answer to the query.

    They ended up paying several million in fines.

    Absolutely not appropriate in my opinion.



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