CDI queries using 3M and Cerner

Hello! We are in the process of moving from paper charts to Cerner but will also continue with 3M. We are curious to see what process other departments are using and if CDI queries are kept as part as the permanent medical record. Currently CDI are only responsible for concurrent queries and they are not part of the permanent medical record. If a query is not answered or a retrospective query needs to be asked they are generated from the coders.

Any insight would be helpful!


  • A couple of questions that might help the discussion:

    I'm guessing this is for inpatient?

    What 3M product are you using?

    Will your 3M product integrate with the Cerner EMR and if so, can you send queries through it?

    Do you have a query retention policy if the queries are not a permanent part of the medical record?

  • Thank you.

    Yes Inpatient, we currently use ClinTrac and will continue to use this for coding and it does not integrate with Cerner. We are hybrid and our queries are actually printed and placed on the physical chart.

    The coders will copy and paste their queries from 3M into Cerner.

    Currently the queries written by CDI are housed in 3M and will remain there, the physical queries are discarded after patient discharge.

    Our manager is trying to get feedback as to how many CDI departments have their queries as part of the permanent medical record and send them through Cerner.

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  • Good morning,

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me about their experience with 3M eMD that you are using in the inpatient setting.

  • Good afternoon,

    Does anyone use 3M computer-assisted queries? We are in the testing phase now. Thanks.

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