Impella at time of death

Hello, I believe a question similar to this has been asked, but never fully answered. A patient is transferred to our facility with an Impella already in place. Unfortunately the patient dies 2 days into to the stay. How do you capture the Impella? Can you code it as a removal?

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  • Anyone have any input or experience on whether to code removal of the impella if it occurs after the patient expires? This is our first time encountering issue and we really aren't sure.

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    Hello, I got on this morning to ask this exact question again, but did a search first! LOL! We have had 2 this week. When i asked the coder educator for our hospital, she said it really needs to be documented that the Impella was removed prior to death, not just "turned off." And specified that it was before death. But I wondered how others did it! Crickets.....

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