COVID and Sequelae- to Query or not query

Question about COVID and sequelae. I am sure most CDS' are struggling with asking the MD's to link subsequent admissions to COVID; and I have a case where I am unsure about "reaching" with a query and sequelae. There is so little information as to how many lasting effects COVID has and how long patients can suffer the aftereffects. Patient was admitted for COVID (intubated, remdesivir and conv plasma) in end of October into Nov. Recovered and went home. Came back in a few weeks later with a STEMI; MD indicated the STEMI was likely sequelae of COVID. Went home. Came back in one week later with myocarditis, also linked to COVID by MD. Went home. Came back in with Necrotizing Fasciitis. The patient was a known MRSA carrier. Would it be reaching to ask the MD to link the onset of the necrotizing fasciitis to the immunosuppression caused by the COVID and the high dose steroids as well as numerous insults from COVID? Necrotizing Fasciitis as a sequelae of COVID?

Thanks in advance!

Sonja Racke

Ensemble Health Partners

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