Neuro DRG's

We recently had our Program Coordinator pull all of the 63,62,61 & 66,65,64 MS-DRGs for FY19, FY20, & FY21 to date. The volume of cases we see definitely is highest in the 64-66 range. She looked at a sample of cases and the summarized the CC & MCC drivers. The most prevalent CVA drivers are in these DRG’s as well; EI: Hemiplegia, Neuro neglect syndrome, PFO, ICH, Cerebral Edema, & Brain Compression. 

What is a trend with this group is that they appear to have a more broad variety of comorbidities; they seem chronically more sick & have more medical CC’s noted such as cancer, mets, UTI, AKI, heart failure, etc. It is interesting that they are the lower RW DRG’s.

Does anyone know why this is?


Sarah Wicks, RN, MS, MBA

Clinical Documentation Improvement Program Manager

Utilization Management | Strong Memorial Hospital

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