CHF coding chronic to acute

How do you code the POA status when a pt comes in with chronic CHF that advances to an acute episode after admit? 


  • Hello,

    The POA for this would be an N per the POA guidelines " Assign N if any part of the combination was not present on admission."

    POA Guidelines: Codes That Contain Multiple Clinical Concepts Assign “N” if at least one of the clinical concepts included in the code was not present on admission (e.g., COPD with acute exacerbation and the exacerbation was not present on admission; gastric ulcer that does not start bleeding until after admission; asthma patient develops status asthmaticus after admission). Assign “Y” if all of the clinical concepts included in the code were present on admission (e.g., duodenal ulcer that perforates prior to admission)

    I hope that helps.

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