Immunosuppressed and Immunocompromised


We have been discussing the increased risk for infection a patient on immunosuppression. Are you querying for immunosuppression/immunocompromised in patients that are on immunosuppressants? Do you consider checking labs and monitoring enough to meet for secondary condition? For example, if a patient is admitted for a fracture (not related to cancer) and is on chemo, WBC is monitored, are you querying for immunosuppression? Another scenario, a patient is on Humira for Crohn’s disease and is admitted for a planned laparoscopic ileocolic resection. There is no history of recurrent infection and antibiotics were given but not continued after discharge, would you query for immunosuppression? Look forward to discussion!


Mary McGrady - Accuity Delivery Systems


  • I am interested in the answer to this as well. We are struggling with how to query for this without leading the provider. Does anyone have specific verbiage they are using for the query and if the providers are responding well to the query?

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