Measuring the "Quality benefit" of CDI

I have been asked to report on the impact of CDI work on Quality. I am looking for your input ideas or how you currently show this for your program. I know Quality is a broad term so what metrics do you use (O:E, CMI, other) and what reporting system to get this information from, what are your benchmarks, and goals?

Any information or references you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Patty King-Musser


  • we have balanced scorecard metrics for the organization with regards to O:E target, decrease PSI/ HAI/HAC with improved documentation of exclusion criteria, POA, etc.

    Targets are set by looking at current metrics and the organization determines where we should be based on peer reviews and benchmarks of similar facilities ( we are a 7 acute care hospital system).

    Hope that helps!

  • We have a dedicated Quality CDI RN who monitors all HACs and PSIs and we record which ones she is able to prevent from being reported, usually by querying for additional documentation.

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