Working Weekends and Holidays

Has anyone found any evidence that working weekends and holidays for CDIs really increases reimbursement or catches additional CCs and MCCs? What are some alternatives to working weekends if management thinks that "something" is being missed by not covering the weekends?


  • I have 2 CDIs work weekends at 4 hours each on Sundays just to cover admissions from Friday night. we only open new cases. This has been helpful for us for the short stay surgical cases that get discharged over the weekend, and for alleviating the case loads on Mondays.

  • Hello, if a stakeholder feels 'something is being missed' by not covering the weekend I would start by identifying what population of patients they are referring too; Medicare, Surgical etc. You could then partner with your coding team to have a CDI review process of these cases, during normal business hours. Such as Surgical patients DC'd over the weekend with no cc or mcc, or MS-DRG cases with a LOS of less than 2 or 3 days. Building in a timely process to review these cases during final coding could help to avoid working weekends.

    -Jessica Risner

    CDI Director for Banner Health

  • Thank you to everyone who answered. This is very helpful.


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