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I am looking for information related to the number of reviews CDI Specialist are to complete daily. Our facility currently asks CDI Specialists to complete 8-10 initial reviews daily with a total of 25 reviews per day (Initial + Subsequent). We do not count queries in our productivity numbers. I haven't been able to find an updated ACDIS article related to this. Any help would be appreciated!


Skyler Sanders


  • i am wonder the same thing. The most recent survey i saw was in 2016. Covid and all the remote work as really changed things. My team swears they are productive remote but the data does not bare that out.

    I would love to hear what other teams are doing

    Thanks Ellen

  • Great question and I hope we get a good chain of comments going here. I think you first must give a brief description of your facility/type of reviews/DRG system/Software.

    I would like to know what goals are set for a Pediatric CDI team that reviews for a 180-200 bed free standing pediatric hospital. Our organization uses the APR-DRG, so it is not just about finding MCC/CC's. We use EPIC EHR and the EPIC CDI review function. All queries are generated within EPIC. We do not review any LOS of 1 day. We start reviewing at 2 days and will do re-reviews every 2-3 days.

    We are only getting to about 80 initials a month which constitutes to about 5 a day (excluding Monday's since those are heavy with discharges). The most reviews a month are around 240-260 (12-14 charts a day). We complete thorough reviews looking for quality impact as well as SOI/ROM impact.

    My question is: Is shooting for 4-6 initials per day and 12-15 charts a day too low for a pediatric program with a similar layout as we have? Feel free to reach out to my email to discuss as well.



  • Greetings,

    Our hospital is a Trauma facility with about 800+ bed capacity but our CDI Team of 9 CDS' only reviews the Adult Inpatient population and not OB/GYN, Psychiatric nor Mom/Baby units. We use the CDE One Nuance AI software and we focus on our MCR and MCR HMO cases followed by some Commercial. Even with AI, the daily expected reviews are 8-10 new cases with 20 or higher for new and rechecks on concurrent cases for Tuesdays to Fridays. On Mondays, they review at least 14 to 15 new cases to catch up on the weekend cases but are not expected to do rechecks. We also expect the team to reconcile cases at least 8-10 per day. Sometimes if their WQ Caseloads are high, we make reasonable adjustments of their caseloads. We have a Hybrid program with CDS' working remotely 4x/week with one day onsite as long as they meet criteria. We measure DRG Shifts (Positive and Negative), Clinical Validation Query Rates, MD Agreement Rates and Timely & Accurate Reconciliation Process Rates. I review their productivity reports during my monthly one on ones with each of them including some audits of their cases. I think my team's productivity reports have been brilliant even with remote CDI. The Hybrid program has provided perks for flexibility and life work balance during this challenging times.

    I have read similar caseload numbers in an ACDIS article/ case studies of 2 similar huge facilities like ours.

    Kinds regards,

    Nina Leal, MSN RN CCDS

  • Greetings,

    Our facility is a 1000+ bed level 1 trauma center/AMC with a CDI team of 34 which reviews all inpatient encounters ( exception of psychiatric). We leverage EPIC and 3M 360 Encompass and focus on all payer and query for completion of the record. We have a hybrid program of 2 days a week on site ( 1-2 hours for rounds) and remainder of the week at home. The department is split between 2 teams and rotate onsite rounding every other month. I review metric of each individual but also take into account any non-productive time that took that individual away from case review ( rounding/education etc.). Our daily goal for initial reviews are 8-10 cases with a combined reviews daily being 15-17 cases. Our monthly goal for queries hovers between 35-38% but can also vary by non-productive time and other factors. We also review mismatches with coding in real time as they are final coded, and the staff works these daily. Since we query for completion, finding the "sweet spot" for productivity expectations has been a challenge and would also love to hear feedback on similarly sized institutions and where we align nationally.

    Thank you

    Gregory Simms, RN CCDS

  • Hi there, all!

    The 2021 CDI Week Industry Survey has a section on productivity that might have some useful information on this! (see page 10):

    Here is a screen capture of the charts with related information:

    Hope this helps!

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