Is including references and parameters within the body of a query compliant?

I am working on streamlining our templates and would love to include the standard definitions of certain diagnoses to help remind the providers of certain criteria within the body of the template, such as malnutrition. I would like to include the GLIM criteria, with references, somewhere at the bottom because we follow that criteria as part of our policy. I was wondering if anyone has information regarding the compliance of this, or if this could leading?


  • We do not include definitions within our queries, because we do not believe it is in our scope to define conditions for the provider. If there is a particular condition that needs a standardized definition, we involve our physician advisor and medical staff leadership in defining conditions, and in relaying those definitions to the providers.

  • Thank you so much for your feedback.

  • we provide standard definitions on the bottom of the standard query form as a reference for the provider to review. ( malnutrition ASPEN criteria, CKD stage criteria, acute renal failure criteria, sepsis and Sofa information)

    They are free to answer whatever they wish.

  • We also provide industry best practice definition to make it easier for providers, we don't consider this leading, in fact we use these when we perform clinical validations as well. The criteria is at the bottom and states 'for reference only...'

    We have one for sepsis, AKI, CKD and Myocardial infarction

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