Patient Safety Indicators (PSI)


We are struggling with our volume of PSI 4 cases (Post Operative death in elective admissions OR admission that has surgery within two days of admission and have a diagnosis of Sepsis, Shock, PE/DVT, or GI hemorrhage)

I'm looking for information on CDI workflow and approach to PSI reviews please.

Does anyone email the provider notifying them that they have a case that hits PSI 4, that they will get a CDI query, and then provide education on documentation considerations that may resolve the PSI?

This has been suggested but I am very concerned about potential risk doing this.

Grateful for any thoughts and/or suggestions.



  • All I can say is read the guidelines for achieving a compliant query. It does NOT only apply to cdi staff. It applies to anyone that engages in conversation with providers, and said conversation could alter what is documented in the record. Sounds like leading "verbal queries" to me. (First couple pages of the guidelines disccjsses who the guidelines apply to

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