Cellulitis related to lymphedema

I need some advice from the group regarding Cellulitis linked to patient's chronic lymphedema. The MD wrote chronic lymphedema is a complication of prior lymphadenectomy. Since the ID physician then tied the cellulitis to the chronic lymphedema the coder wants to take this to infection following a procedure. I know there is no time limit on complications but this patient has had the lymphedema for 40 years. Previous Melanoma of shoulder with removal of all lymph nodes.

I'm struggling with it coding to infection following a procedure. The cellulitis is not a direct complication of a procedure, in this case. I thought possible "other postprocedural complications of skin and subq" which would code to DRG 920, complication of treatment.

Thoughts on how to code this?

Much appreciated,

Kate Sammons, RN CCDS

Northwest Community Hospital


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