OP HCC Process and Reporting

Hello. Can anyone share, if they have EPIC, their HCC process for PCP office visits? We have an HCC CDIS tee up the provider in the system but are having trouble with follow up if the suggested HCC was documented on by the provider. It's been a clunky cumbersome process for both the providers and the CDI staff. Looking for a streamline process to keep providers from getting frustrated. Also, what kind of reports are being used to show progress in the HCC CDI program.

Thank you,

Abby Belcher, MS, RHIA


  • Hi Abby,

    How do you get the suggested HCC findings in front of the provider during the visit?

    We just started using Optum Clinivations which works in Epic to put an HCC Smartform in front of the provider when they open the chart for the visit. Unfortunately, I only can add conditions to the problem list. I really wish I could add them to the HCC Smartform.

    We have improved in terms of HCC capture since starting with Clinivations and they keep track of our progress.

    Maybe this would work for you?


    Sarah Laconis, RN, CPC

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