Expanding the number of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes from 25 to 100

I am looking for some contact information on whom I should work with to discuss expanding the number of ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS codes from 25 to 100 or as many as are coded on the inpatient account. 

We support CMS’s exploration of tying the Z59.0 (Homelessness) code to payment by reclassifying it to a Complication or comorbidity (CC) code for purposes of MS-DRG grouping and encourage involvement of stakeholders to determine the best way to proceed. We urge CMS to seek alignment between payment and quality measurement by prioritizing CC consideration of Z codes related to the five HRSNs proposed under a new quality measure for the Inpatient Quality Reporting Program. That measure would assess hospitals rates of screening adult inpatients for housing instability (Z59.0, Z59.1, Z59.81), food insecurity (Z59.4), transportation needs (Z59.5, Z59.6, and Z59.7), utility difficulties (Z59.5 and Z59.6), and interpersonal safety (Z62.81, Z63.0, and Z63.1).

I would really appreciate a contact who can help me get this messaging to the appropriate Committees/Agencies.

Sarah Wicks, RN, MS, MBA

Clinical Documentation Improvement Program Manager

Utilization Management | Strong Memorial Hospital

P: 585.602.1755 | F: 585.276.2801

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