Asymptomatic covid and encounter for remdemsiver due to high risk

I have been seeing several of these lately and I am uneasy coding for covid and seeking input. I believe there should be a code as in encounter for chemotherapy, however there is no encounter for remdemsivir. This particular patient comes with a documented "mild covid" (would be normally treated at home without any admission). Patient does have DM and on insulin and slightly abnormal but not crazy (receiving normal corrections), typical for any cold, flu or stress. I had another patient and same thing. Encounter for remdemsivir infusion due to high risk but asymptomatic(clearly stated not here for covid in so many words. That patient did end up as obs patient (they can do outpatient setting) but still principle to me as covid seems very misleading. If we are tracking covid cases requiring admissions these cases are very misleading as they arent admitted really for covid. As with chemo encounter not here for cancer and at least when encounter for chemo they most likely would die without chemo. Without remdemsivir odds are they would be fine, it is simply prophylactic. Any input or advice?


  • Coding Guidelines are clear that when covid is documented and it is the main reason for admission (as in this case), it is the appropriate PDX. The code assignment isn't dependent on severity of illness.

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