Productivity measurement

Hi all,

I'm looking into creating a productivity standard for my team that's a little more complex than the standard "x reviews per day" and/or "x new reviews and y re-reviews per day." Does anyone use a points system that takes into account reviews, LOS of charts reviewed, queries sent, etc.? I would love to collaborate!


Whitney Garcia



  • Hi Whitney,

    At our facility,with the assistance of our clinical analyst, we utilize a tiered system to appreciate meeting a minimum, median and advanced level of reviews. We share the breakout of review types: inital, concurrent and retrospective reviews completed and the query rate. Our metric goals are based on the employees time worked. This is monitored and shared with each CDI monthly.

    We aim to provide each member of our team with their productivity within this range to encourage and empower them to each of their self driven accomplishments and achievements.

    Giving each CDI the opportunity to manage, maintain and encourage new goal settings each year.

    I would be happy to collaborate anytime. Feel free to reach out.

    Shannon Hall

    Baystate Health

  • Shannon, could you send me an example or template of what you use? I like the way this sounds.

    Thank you,

    Terra Warren

  • What is your method of sharing metric data? Is any part of the data shared in the group setting or do you share individually only?


    I also would be interested in a template if you have one for sharing.

    Thank You,

    Nikki Aragon,

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