requirements for job

We are struggling with our job description having been changed by HR. To bid on CDS jobs at our facility they require a BSN w/ MSN preferred. We are a team of 7.3 FTE's and two have Associate degrees in nursing but extensive patient care experience. We have one Masters prepared nurse who did her Masters while doing this job. The rest have their Bachelors in nursing. I am curious what others requirements are. We have hundreds of RN's with extensive bedside experience being excluded from biding on our jobs because they are diploma or ADN nurses. I have been doing this job since 2008 and it was initially myself and a coder. I am the only one who was trained by a coder and I have found it has given me an edge up in this role. We no longer have coders on our team but work closely with our coding staff. As people have come and gone it seems the actual level of degree does not matter in regards to being successful in this role. It seems those with more extensive bedside med-surg and critical care experience are the one who are successful. I would appreciate any input. I would like to make a case to have our job description changed to require your RN only regardless of degree.



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