Calculating Query Percentage Rates


This question has been asked before years ago, back in 2014 and edited in 2016. How does everyone calculate their query percentage rates? Specifically, do you divide net queries by initials or total number of reviews? And do you look at percentages per query or per queried visit?

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Pamela Stephens, RN, BSN, CCDS

Clinical Documentation Improvement Manager

Piedmont Healthcare


  • Good morning-- We have always calculated query rate as net queries divided by initial reviews. We do not look at a per visit rate.

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    Katie Hernandez LPN, CCS, CCDS

    CDI Educator/Analyst

    U of L Healthcare

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    Good morning,

    I am very interested in this question and others response. My organization has just recently changed to calculating query rate by dividing net queries by number of initial reviews plus number of subsequent reviews. Their reasoning for changing this calculation was quoted as " this is industry standard. " As someone who performs subsequent reviews on trauma, and other longer stay pts , this new calculation has decreased my query rate by half.

    My question is what does the calculation of dividing net queries by initials and subsequent revs combined., actually tell you? If you perform subsequent reviews, even to follow up on your queries your query rate becomes diluted. It does not tell you the number of records impacted, so just not sure what information is gained from calculating this way, I should add that I am in APR-DRG state, so there is opportunity for movement from SOI level 1-4 as well as ROM movement levels 1-4 so a little different from other states perhaps where Cc and MCC are what drive movement of DRG.

    Would like to hears others thoughts on this. thanks so much

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