OP CDI metrics

We are in the process of building our OP CDI program. What metrics do you use for employee productivity?

*Number of medical records reviewed? If so; what is your metric?


  • At Essentia Health, we set the goal to be 28-35 visits/day on an monthly average. We provide time for education and learning opportunities which may impact the daily reviews. The type of reviews are also much different, at Essentia Health the CDI Coding team reviews both pre-visit accounts as well as pre-bill/post visit accounts.


    Tracy Boldt

    Essentia Health

  • Curious if you also have outpt coding or population health doing outpt focus? Would you say the outpt CDI team is more review focused or education focused? Thanks in advance!-Kate

  • We have nurse CDI specialists conducting prospective provider chart reviews 14 days prior to encounter. Once an encounter has been completed, we have risk coders verifying MEAT criteria and correct code capture. Coders and nurses work collaboratively to answer questions. CDI staff are responsible for ongoing education. There is also a team being formed that will be dedicated to gap closures, of which the CDI team will also collaborate with.

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