Sepsis 2

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We have recieved denials stating that 2 or more of the following criteria is not enough unless we see 2 to 3 of these readings consecutively. I do not see this requirement written (stated)anywhere except in denials.

What I see is if you have 2 or more of these signs consider sepsis. (RR, Temp, WBC, HR) , but the denials are saying we need to take that a step further and need 2-3 readings of those 2 or more.

I also have read that with initial treatment for sepsis those vitals can change quickly, so in this case how would we have multiple vital readings?

I have to believe this is just another tactic for payers to deny by twisting meanings.

This question is specific to the vitals as I do realize we need much more once have infection and 2 or more.

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