CVA symptoms resolved btwn home and ED/Admission

A patient had reported 30-40 minutes of Left sided weakness, headache and facial numbness at home. During this time family reached out to her PCP. The patient was directed to the ED department. On arrival to ED the pts symptoms had resolved. She was + for a new Right Lacunar Stroke on imaging and was made inpt. She was admitted and placed on stroke protocol orders including continued NIH scoring, PT/OT consultations and permissive htn.

The left sided weakness (also described as upper and lower unilateral weakness by providers) was carried through the chart from ED to the HS as clinical indicators r/t the discovered CVA.

I am being asked not to pick up the left hemiparesis code as a CC because it was resolved on arrival.

I would have picked this up as a hemiparesis described as a clinical indicator present during the onset of the CVA.


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