FY 2024 Mech Vent Intubated Prone Positioning

For FY 2024 new code 5A09B5K, 5A09C5KM 5A09D5K Assistance with respiratory ventilation, intubated prone positioning, due we also assign 5A1 table codes for mechanical ventilation?  

If yes, do we count the entire duration the patient is receiving mechanical ventilation and include hours patient was prone?  

#FY2024, #MechanicalVentilationProne 


  • For instance, pt is on ventilator for 30 hours total, and in prone positioning for 10 hours.

     Do we assign 5A1945Z Respiratory ventilation, 24-96 consecutive hours AND 5A09C5K Assistance with respiratory ventilation, 8-24 consecutive hours?

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