New vs Acute CHF

We recently received a denial for acute CHF. The physician documented acute systolic HF. The patient had a new finding of an EF < 25% (no previous EF documented), was started on new medications of Losartan and Aldactone and was discharged home on a life vest.

Wondering what others do in this situation. Do you leave the Acute? Validate? Just curious how this can be called chronic when it's a new finding?



  • Hello,

    Are they questioning it because no IV diuretics? If I didn't see IV diuretics, or other explanation, such as renal failure, I may consider CV Q:

    Please clarify "acute systolic HF":

    Newly diagnosed Chronic Systolic CHF, not exacerbated (or "appears euvolemic")

    Acute Systolic CHF, please specify acute treatment (or Fluid restriction, unable to tolerate IV diuretics)- (whatever was stated in your chart).

    My thoughts,


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