CDI final review post-discharge

I just started a CDI team lead at a new facility. Their current process is to release the case from the CDI work queue as soon as the patient discharges, unless there is already an open query on the cases. This has never been my practice. Often our CDI does not see these final notes before the patient discharges and the case drops of their review list.

I have been trying to get the coding leadership to let us do a final discharge review on all cases so if a query is needed based on documentation in the discharge summary or final notes it can be placed as concurrently as possible. Coding seems to believe it will increase the DNFB days, while I argue the contrary.

Please give me your insights and any literature you may have to support the ideal practice.

Thank you



  • Have you reviewed your PSI/HACs. Could a final review have made a difference? Was a PSI confirmed which could have been excluded with an admit type corrections or POA status correction?

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