Transition from Quality Analyst to CDI Specialist

Does anyone have any tips in assisting a former Quality Analyst into the CDI Role? I feel like she is struggling with querying because abstraction rules are different than coding rules.


  • I have done both, but I did it in the reverse order and it was kind of stressful. Some things seem to contradict each other's goals. I think with time you can tease it out and her quality knowledge with the Data Dictionary and Qnet will be helpful.

    Each program has different expectations, but my own opinion is that productivity should be low on the list for a new CDI. I always tell them it's more important to query than do another review.

    A review without a query doesn't add anything. We have this job to add ( or subtract) form the current documentation.

    You didn't mention how new she was, but I say a new CDI takes 9-18 months to "get it" and some get it faster, but the slower ones sometimes are making more associations and in the long run can be very strong.

    We are metric obsessed (and I love data) but it's a steep curve. Good luck!

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