Functiional Quadriplegia

In a recent 2018 ICD-10 quidelines webinar, we were told that "functional quadriplegia guideline" has been deleted.  There was no discussion just a brief mention.  I also saw this on the ICD 10 Official Guidelines for reporting on the CDC website. Does anyone know what it means that this "guideline" has been deleted? Can functional quadriplegia still be coded and is it still an MCC? 


  • Official Coding Guideline Section 1.C.18.f in 2017 said functional paraplegia was not associated with a neurological deficit or injury, but it grouped to a neuro DRG when used as PDx.  It groups to another DRG when PDx in 2018 and they deleted the guideline mentioned above.  Doubt would ever use functional quadriplegia as a PDx.  It is still coded as R53.2, and is on 2018 MCC list in my DRG manual.  Val
  • I agree, we would never use as primary anyway.

    Thanks so much!!

  • Thank you for clarifying, this was most helpful!
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