Clinical Validation

Hi. Just want to bounce this off someone (lone Peds CDI here where I work).

Pt admitted with hyperammonemia and has Cirtrullinemia. VBG showed pH 7.44, pCO2 34, HCO3 23.2. Serum CO2 21, Cl- 106, Na+ 135. Pt is 3 yr old.

Physician called that anion gap METABOLIC ACIDOSIS. Any recommendations on best way to query to validate that diagnosis so I don't "disengage" this physician regarding CDI when I just got recently him to answer queries without having to "stalk" him?

Thanks in advance!



  • :) Sorry, misspelled Citrullinemia above.
  • Abnormal valuse highlighted for purpose of this discussion, only.  You could also refer to the ACDIS White Paper on the topic of Clinical Validation as it has several templates that can be used for validation that can be modified for any diagnosis.   You can use the 'search' feature to find that document.
  • Thank you Paul. I sent a clarification last week with the help of Karen Bridgeman and the physician amended his documentation and said it was not "anion gap metabolic acidosis" as originally documented.

    Appreciate the response!!!

  • Excellent...Karen is a star.
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