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If you are a current registrant of ACDIS Radio or would like to register for the first time, please do so here:

ACDIS Radio is a free, bi-weekly, 30 minute program dedicated to bringing you closer to the difference-makers in CDI. Each program features discussion with host and ACDIS Director Brian Murphy as well as a co-host and a special guest from the industry.


  • If anyone has a friend that may not be a member of ACDIS but wants to stay on top of common CDI topics this is the way to do it....tell a friend and share the knowledge!

  • I wonder if CDS preceptorship has any type of CEU credit as preceptorship in nursing does?
  • Just wanted to let you know there is a section dedicated to the CDI Apprenticeship program on this site. As far as I know there are no CEUs offered at this time but you can go onto for a full description of what is offered and the benefits of this program.
  • We are celebrating the 100th episode of ACDIS radio on June 27th, it should be an interesting conversation. Remember it is also available as a podcast.
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