Coding Pregnancy complications

I am reviewing a chart that patient came in to delivery. Patient has a prior history of chlamydia and syphilis treated and MD noted these conditions complicated the prenatal period. Coder does not want to code the chlamydia and/or the syphilis, due to these conditions had already been treated prior to this admission of delivery and due to increase of denials in regards to conditions during a pregnancy that resolved before admission that was not treated during the time of hospitalization that have no impact on her current care.

I disagree with the coder, since these conditions did impact her current care during the pregnancy and childbirth, MD has to evaluate the baby for syphilis.

Anyone have any thought on this situation? Please share...


  • What effects did those previously treated STD’s have on the childbirth? At what point were they treated? Any additional antibiotics given during childbirth or during labor? 

    Would be similar to a patient havjng a UTI 4 weeks prior to delivery successfully treated with antibiotics and resolved. 

    Short answer based on info provided, I agree with the Coder. 
  • Thanks for your reply-jwmorris1
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