Notes written in DRG expert for CCDS exam

edited August 2019 in Certification
For CCDS exam, I understand there can be no loose paper or sticky notes or added pasted notes, etc in the DRG Expert but can I write as much as I want to in blank spots and pages? 


  • yes you can write notes in the blank areas/pages of your DRG expert that you take into the exam - just no additional paper or post-its
  • Thank you. I've written a LOT in the DRG-Expert pertaining to coding guidelines since we cant take our coding  books in. I'm going to freak if they say I cant have that much written in it. 
  • I wrote a lot of notes on the blank areas/pages of the DRG-Expert.   As long as there is not loose paper or sticky notes you will be fine. 
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